The digital audio market is in rude health. In keeping with other international markets, it is Ireland’s fastest growing digital advertising medium. In the space of a few years, it has gone from the periphery to the mainstream and is now a staple across advertising media plans.

A 2021 UK survey by Audiotrack/Midas found that almost half of all linear radio campaigns now carried an equivalent digital audio campaign.

The reasons for the surge of interest in digital audio are clear. It is on-demand so people are actively choosing to listen meaning an engaged mindset not just for content but also for advertising. Mobile phones are the dominant consumption mode when listening to digital audio. And with headphones, it really is a form of direct to ear entertainment, free of the distractions that often accompany visual media. In such an immersive environment, there is a greater likelihood of brand recall.

The variety and quality of content is unequalled. Whether it is music steaming, digital radio or podcast, the sustained increases in listenership reflect the strength and broad appeal of the content offering.

The advertising environment is uncluttered compared to other media. This low ad load enables advertisers to more easily compete and stand out when using digital audio as part of their advertising mix.

And there are inherent data and creative advantages when using digital audio. A lot of the audio services are registration required. This delivers first party data which can in turn be used to target audiences with real precision.

Creatively ads can be personalised using data signals such as location, time, day of week. This adds a level of intimacy and relevance that’s hard to replicate. Read more from our partners A Million Ads here.

Furthermore, ads can be actionable in that they can invite listeners to engage with the ad content through a series of voice commands. These voice commands allow listeners to decide how they want to engage with a brand from seeking brand information right through to voice commerce. When listeners are put in control of the brand experience, magic happens. Read more from our partners Say It Now here.

Finally, listening through headphones creates a sound stage in the mind. Savvy marketers are turning to 3D or binaural ads to exploit this personal environment by placing the listener right in the centre of the ad. The resulting brand experience can be totally immersive and is unlike anything than can be achieved through linear advertising.  

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