Here at AudioOne, we wanted to let you know about some of the creative opportunities we have to help take your digital audio campaigns to the next level.

Audio Pixel is an attribution solution for audio advertising that provides insight into website and in-app conversions stemming from audio campaigns. By using the attribution Pixel, you can define conversion events, such as site visits, app downloads, visits to physical stores etc.

What is Audio Pixel?

A tracking pixel, or attribution pixel, is a snippet of HTML code that gets loaded when a user visits a website or enters a mobile app. Pixels are useful for tracking user behavior and conversions. The audio pixel monitors the audio users journey across different devices by recording the users actions like reporting online store visits and app downloads.

How it Works

  • We create the audio pixel which will be a snippet of HTML code.
  • The Pixel is shared with the advertiser who implements the pixel into anywhere in the <body> element of the website’s or app’s HTML code. This step can be done directly in the HTML code or by using Google Tag Manager.
  • Example : If an advertiser wants to find out how many listeners heard their ad and subsequently visited their home page, we create a pixel called Homepage which will be then implemented into the home page of the advertiser’s website.

Key Benefits

  • Make data-driven decisions on your audience targeting, delivery frequency, creatives, etc.
  • Track conversions across multiple devices and unlock key information about your consumer decision journey;
  • Receive insights from various dimensions, including geo, demo, behavioral segments, time of listening, listener context, delivery, and more.