Here at AudioOne, we wanted to let you know about some of the creative opportunities we have to help take your digital audio campaigns to the next level.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) feature enables brands to connect at an individual level, at the right time and place.  

By using data points — such as behavioral segments, local weather, and device type — brands can dynamically generate and deliver a multitude of customized creatives to a multitude of listeners, at scale. e.g. you can promote a coffee shop’s new ice coffee when the weather is hot to listeners within that radius.

With DCO, integrate your message into the listener’s surroundings for an immersive, relevant ad experience — resulting in higher reach, engagement and effectiveness.


  • Increase engagement and drive effectiveness by dynamically delivering your message with personalized and contextual creative and campaigns.
  • Enhance campaign performance by optimizing creative elements and messaging in real-time based on insights from custom reports.

Case Study : Corona

Corona created a campaign using dynamic creative optimization to expand their reach.

The brands goal was to find a unique and creative approach to expand their reach, complement an upcoming outdoor display campaign and improve their relevancy scores.

Solution: Combine live weather data and geolocation and demographic targeting (age 25+) to deliver real-time surf reports, sponsored by Corona.

Listeners within a 15km radius of selected beaches would hear the surf report for the beach nearest them.


Corona saw a noteworthy 2% increase in brand relevancy scores in just the first month.