Here at AudioOne, we wanted to let you know about some of the creative opportunities we have to help take your digital audio campaigns to the next level.

ShakeMe creates a unique user experience, allowing the user to shake their phone which leads them to a company’s website, download a coupon or make a call. Imagine listening to an audio ad about a concert and being able to shake your phone, go to the event’s website and purchase a ticket, this is what ShakeMe is all about.

Providing an entirely new advertising experience, the ShakeMe format invites listeners to shake their phones in order to pursue an action requested in the ad.

How it Works

1. Build a clear and solid call-to-action for your audio creative.

Getting listeners to take action is what ShakeMe is all about. Any campaign using this interactive format needs to focus on listeners and use a call to action that is short, crisp and easy to understand, e.g. Shake your phone now to download an app.

2. Prepare listeners to shake their phone or smartwatch.

The efficiency of a ShakeMe ad relies on how you prepare listeners to take action by the end of the ad. As a best practice, we recommend you not to wait until the very last seconds to invite the audience to shake their phone/watch.

3. Craft your ShakeMe campaign with mobile audiences in mind.

ShakeMe enhances audio ad interactivity and targets audiences who interact with their mobile and wearable devices. It’s essential to make your creatives and call-to-actions mobile-specific, using the right tools. For example, coupons need to have a .pkpass format, leveraging apps such as PassKit or PassSlot. 

4. Keep in mind the extended 10-second shake time.

Listeners can shake their phones or watches during the ad, and they also have 10 seconds at their disposal after the commercial ended. It is vital to add a time reference in your creative and repeat it halfway through: “Shake your phone or watch now.”

5. Trigger call-to-actions on the supported mobile devices.

ShakeMe interactions with the mobile device rely on the available actions that the listener can take as a result of shaking the phone or smartwatch – download a coupon, open a website, or place a call. While all actions are supported by smartphone devices, their availability is limited on tablets where, for example, “place a call” is not applicable.

Case Study : BMW

BMW used an interactive ShakeMe campaign to drive awareness of the service and downloads of the app.


5X increase in engagement and downloads vs typical mobile display ad.