AudioOne offers the largest single source of podcast inventory in Ireland. with over 771,000 individual listeners per month.


With over 3,000 shows covering topics as diverse as business, sports, parenting, technology, history, film & entertainment to demographic groupings from millennials to the 50+, there are very powerful opportunities for effective advertising.

AudioOne Podcast In Numbers


unique listeners monthly

13+ million

ad impressions


listen via mobile with 90% listening through headphones ensuring an immersive environment

1 in 5

earn over €100,000 p.a


are 18-44 with a 50/50
male/female split


Sports and News/Business
are the most popular
content genres


of podcast listeners are not
reachable via Spotify and 62%
are not commercial
radio listeners


listening whilst commuting with 37% listening whilst exercising

Sources: IPSOS study, Feb 2018, 1,335 respondents. Acast listener survey, Sept 2016 – April 2018, >5000 respondents

Podcast listeners - AudioOne

Podcast listeners
are an affluent, curious, educated
and hard to reach audience.

People are passionate about podcasts. Podcast content is sought out, on-demand content from talented, trusted podcasters.

Great talent, passion for content and undivided listener attention makes podcasting a really special ad medium.

We offer host read sponsorship opportunities alongside pre, mid and post roll advertising.

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