Podscribe contextual targeting uses advanced speech-to-text transcription to provide insight into podcast content.

PodScribe targeting allows you to segment your audiences at a finer level and tap into a growing listener base with more efficiently targeted campaigns.

Podscribe contextual targeting allows advertisers to target listeners beyond podcast shows or genres but enables advertisers to target by keywords, concepts, topics, and interests within podcasts.

Key Features


PodScribe uses advanced speech-to-text transcription technology to accurately convert audio content to text and extract key topics and themes.


PodScribe enables publishers to grow their contextual advertising strategy by using topics targeting at scale, across all podcast inventory.


PodScribe technology is used in conjunction with Comscore which will offer you better visibility into the content surrounding your podcast ads and allows inappropriate content to be labelled and blacklisted.

Podscribe Contextual Targeting – How it Works

We can target listeners by Contextual Audiences, IAB categories, and various topics within the Podcast.

  • Contextual Audiences – Extensive list of behavioural segments to help you target podcast listeners based on their context.

  • IAB Segments – Podcast content is matched to relevant IAB Content Taxonomy.

  • iTunes Category – Apple Podcast Categories.

  • Media Topics (IPTC) – Podcast content is matched to relevant IPTC topic taxonomy, this helps target a campaign against the most suitable sets of terms that can be used to describe news and media content.

  • News Codes (IPTC) – Podcast content is matched to relevant IPTC news code taxonomy which targets a campaign against the most suitable set of codes.

  • Topics – The most prominent topics that are present in a podcast episode are extracted.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Brand Safety
  • Insights into Podcast Content
  • Granular Targeting
  • Relevant Listening Experience

Podscribe Segments

Podscribe SegmentAvails
Business Owners894,241
Interested in Electronics881,692
Technology & Computing87,486
Interested in Health & Medicine1,470,471
Interested in Health & Fitness275,528
Interested in Sport1,298,778
Interested in Travel103,680
Interested in Food974,117
Food & Drink132,568
Fast Food Lover819,201
Interested in Shopping168,075
Interested in Music1,318,953
Interested in Education1,779,010
Interested in Finance409,909
Household with Children1,004,939
Interested in Live Events1,207,934
Interested in Video Games1,144,758