AudioOne Radio gives advertisers access to Ireland’s most complete source of radio content online.

From internet only radio to radio aggregator services, from local to international stations online, Radio with AudioOne will deliver new audiences and help you reach many more people than by simply extending terrestrial radio campaigns online.

AudioOne Radio In Numbers

16 million

ad impressions

1.2 million

unique listeners


of consumption is Irish and UK content only


listening via mobile

Source: Adwave Ireland Metrics, October 2021.

AudioOne Radio allows you to
reach people who are listening to Radio content specifically.
With live and on-demand content
listeners can easily find the content they love or discover something new.
Great content
from quality programmers that users actively seek out creates a solid foundation for effective advertising.

Spotlight Publisher

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  • Giving brands the context, the data, and the distribution to engage a high-value audience across all the devices they use to consume digital radio
  • Providing access to 151 Irish Radio Stations across local, regional, national, commercial and not for profit stations
  • The global pre-installed partner to Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Sonos speakers

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