With Coronavirus shaking up almost every aspect of our lives, it would be no surprise that it has also infiltrated the digital audio landscape. With more and more people working from home and the likes, it was only a matter of time before changes could be seen in the case of listenership numbers. We wanted to find out if listening has increased and what type of streaming service is currently doing the best. Read on to find out more.




At AudioOne, our marketplace features three different types of digital audio:

  1. Music (Soundcloud)
  2. Podcast
  3. Radio (TuneIn & Online FM)

While providing these services, we feel that we are definitely in a good position to see what is happening to listenership across the range of different digital audio content types. We looked at the period 1st to 12th Vs 13 – 24th March.


Summary findings are:

  • Total Digital audio listening up 15% in time terms
  • 10% increase in reach terms
  • Radio streaming in decline -9% as most people cooped up at home are reverting to FM radios in the home
  • Music streaming up 26%
  • Podcasts have experienced a real surge in the last week at +36%
  • Evidence that listener base is broadening – listenership really starting to reflect All Adult distribution
  • Even flatter consumption across the day than before as more people working unstructured hours


Podcast Consumption:

  • Mar 4th to 10th = 513k available imps
  • Mar 11th to 17th = 546k available imps (6.5% WoW increase)
  • Mar 18th to 24th = 746k available imps (36.6% WoW increase)


Radio Consumption:

  • Mar 1st to 12th = 1,938k available imps
  • Mar 13th to 24th = 1,758k available imps


Music Consumption:

  • Mar 1st – 12th = 3,086k available imps
  • Mar 13h to 24th = 3,878k available imps


Overall, the numbers are good. Evidently, there’s more people, more listeners, and more time. The biggest growth is for music and podcasts, and understandably, digital radio is in decline. This is possibly due to more people being home listening to traditional FM stations, instead of online FM streaming as they would when commuting, working etc.

While the Coronavirus looks like it’s here to stay until at least the end of April, we hope we have instilled even a small bit of hope into you while reading this. Why not listen to a podcast or stream some online music? After all, it was once said that ” Sound will be the medicine of the future” – Edgar Cayce


Feel free to contact us at AudioOne with any questions you may have about audio advertising or about the information above. We always love to hear from you!