Here at AudioOne, we wanted to let you know about some of the creative opportunities you have to make your advertising work harder, be more relevant, whilst delivering a more engaging listener experience



1. Custom Audiences/Re-targeting



Story-tell and Convert Intenders:

Custom Audience segments ensure that your ads are served to users who have previously listened to your ad or have visited a specific website or app. You then can create tailored ads based on the interaction listeners have had with your brand.



2. ShakeMe Interactive Audio Format

Engage Listeners In A Fun Way

Using AdsWizz’s patent pending ShakeMe™ format, listeners can shake or tap their phones to trigger an action while listening to an audio ad. When they shake the phone, this can trigger the action to download an app, open a website, place a call, download a coupon, and invite a voice command. Listeners are able to interact directly with the ad without unlocking their phone or even looking at their screens. As a result, campaigns using this format have seen a much higher response rate than traditional mobile display advertising.




3. Intelligent Targeting for Audio

Make Your Ads More Relevant

With AdsWizz interactive audio formats, you can target ads based on weather conditions (warm weather activities, umbrella purchase, or cold weather clothing); or on location (including radius targeting, called “Point of Interest”). In addition, there are opportunities for behavioural, demographic, device or genre targeting. Ads can be delivered to encourage listeners to visit a location, based on where the listener hears the ad.



4. Dynamic Creatives

Personalise the Listener Experience

With Dynamic Creatives you can customize the audio message based on listener data, i.e Location, Day Part, 1st Party Data, Weather, Platform. The audio creative can then be personalized for each listener.




5. Second Screen Audio

Double your impact and broaden your reach.

While watching, hearing, or engaging with content on one device (for example a smartphone, tablet or laptop), additional contextual information and ads can be displayed on a companion device. AudioMatic users can bid for a display opportunity related to the audio ad. It is then served on the device where the audio ad was heard, or to a device with an IP within the same household. This contextual placement has been shown to increase both brand awareness and interaction with the advertising.




6. Sequential Advertising

Ad sequencing that enables you to tell your story.

It’s hard to tell a full story in a 30 second audio ad. Sequencing allows you to tell a complex story through multiple ads, gradually. People love continuous storytelling that is built over time. You can use different ads, placed sequentially in different ad breaks, and delivered one by one. You can start by gradually building brand awareness, and later it drive listeners to a call to action.

Story tell



There are many capabilities within Audio advertising. Contact us here today to find out more about how we can help you.