Survey demographics: 1,335 male and female online UK residents were surveyed between December 18 and 26, 2017. Podcast listeners are defined as anyone who has listened to a podcast in the past month. Data was weighted to ensure online national representative proportions, using age, gender and region.

  • 23% of the population have listened to a podcast in the last month and on average, they spend more than 3.6 hours per week listening to podcasts
  • Of those listening, 21% have started listening in the last 6 months
  • Current podcast listeners tend to be younger, with 2/3 of new listeners aged 16-34
  • 70% of listeners have heard podcast advertising and ¾ of those have taken action as a result people have listened to a podcast in the past month
  • Podcast listeners earn 28% more money than the average population
    £28,100 vs £21,900
    This is due to podcast listeners being more likely to have an advanced degree
  • Podcast listeners spend more money on monthly entertainment
    £475 vs £290
  • Podcast listeners make bigger and/or more frequent purchases
  • Podcast listeners are the perfect audience for brands that offer premium goods and VIP experiences
  • For companies in technology, travel, transport and entertainment, advertising through podcast ads are a great way to reach a well-defined group of affluent consumers
  • Podcast listeners are more open to new ideas/suggestions that users of other medias
    49% vs 39%
  • Podcast listeners take action when they hear podcast ad
  • Podcast listeners who hear ads are eager to engage directly with the advertising brand
    24% visit the website of advertiser
    18% sought more info on advertisers
    18% shared information about ad/advertiser online
  • Media consumers view podcast live host reads more favourably than radio ads
    16% of podcast listeners trust the ad
    18% have a brand and message recall
    18% say they enjoy the ad more with podcast live host reads

Date: Posted by Acast on Jul 24, 2018 7:00:00 AM
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