The latest research on ‘Digital Audio Consumption and Behaviour’ has been released by the IAB and RedC. This survey was conducted online with a representative sample of 1000 Irish adults over 18  years of  age. This yielded some very interesting results.

Market Size:

  • 2.3 million People aged 18+ in Ireland have listened to Digital Audio at some stage. This equates to 66% of the population
  • 51% of digital audio listeners are male, 49% users are female with females spending more time listening with 14.4 hours per week Vs 12.9 hours per week for males

Time Spent / Media Substitution:

  • Digital audio listeners are listening on average for 13.6 hours per week – this compares to 12.1 hours in the UK (Listening Britain 2018)
  • 18 – 24 year olds are listening for over 25 hours per week with 68% of them listening to more digital audio than they did one yea ago
  • 9% of Digital Audio listeners do NOT listen to traditional FM Radio
  • A further 29% listen to terrestrial radio for only 2 hours or less per week

Podcast Listenership:

  • 28% of the Irish population have ever listened to a podcast
  • 4% of the Irish population listen to podcasts daily (136,000 people)
  • 15% of the Irish population listen to podcasts weekly (499,000 people)
  • 18% of the Irish population listen to podcasts monthly (613,000 people)
  • Acast podcast content is listened to by over 600,000 unique listeners in Ireland each month and so Acast covers over 98% of the Irish podcast market


  • In the JNLR’s latest wave – Q4 2018 – podcast listening is reported at 1.6% of all adults. The IAB research confirms daily podcast listening at 4% so there are in fact 136,000 daily podcast listeners Vs the JNLR reported 55,200.
  • Adults spend on average 1.8 hours per week listening to podcasts – this rises to 4.6 hours per week for 18-24 year olds.


Other Digital Audio Content:

  • 16% of the Irish adult population or 544,000 people are listening to on demand music content Daily
  • 9% of the Irish adult population or 295,000 people are listening to live radio stations online Daily
  • 3.5% of the Irish adult population of 114,000 people are listening to radio aggregator services like TuneIn Daily

Content Consumed:

  • The most popular types of content consumed include music, news and politics, sports, comedy and entertainment
  • Environment:
  • 75% of digital audio listeners regularly use a smartphone to listen to digital audio content
  • Top 3 activities when listening to digital audio include household chores, relaxing and driving

Ad Effectiveness:  

  • 22% of population can recall an ad they head on digital audio
  • 17% believe digital audio ads are more memorable

Other Interesting Findings:

  • 48% of people strongly agree that digital audio listening has helped them discover new content
  • 14% of households have a smart speaker with 23% of other households expected to buy a smart speaker this year
Source: Listen Up Ireland, Irish Research into Digital Audio Consumption & Behaviour, IAB Ireland & RedC, April 2019 JNLR Q404, 2018


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