Here at AudioOne, we wanted to share the latest insights relating to the SoundCloud audience in Ireland.

The information below is sourced from Global Web Index. They are a market research company who aggregate and analyse consumer data across 46 markets, including Ireland.

The sample in this report is representative of the general Irish Internet using population. The number of respondents is 2,487 and spans the age range of 16-64.

Reach & Demographics


8% of Internet-using 16-64 year old’s in Ireland have a free SoundCloud account.

Each month the SoundCloud service is used by 250,000 Irish adults.

Age & Gender:

The average Irish SoundCloud user is 5 years younger than users of rival streaming services.

67% of users are 18-24 and 86% of them are aged 18-34.

31% are Female, while 69% are Male.

Employment Status:

28% of Irish SoundCloud listeners are students up from 24% in 2020. They are almost 2.5 times more likely to be students than the general Internet user.


22% of Irish SoundCloud listeners are likely to have a postgraduate degree. They are 38% more likely to have one than the general Internet user.

Attitude & Lifestyle

Lifestyle Activities: 

30% of Irish SoundCloud listeners eat fast food weekly. They are 50% more likely to eat fast food than the general Irish internet user.

With over 10% visiting the cinema at least once per week – they are more than twice as likely to visit than the general Irish Internet user.

With 32% using public transport at least once per week, Irish SoundCloud listeners are 75% more likely to use public transport than the general Irish Internet user.

SoundCloud listeners are a charitable lot with almost 15% donating to charity at least once per week. They are twice as likely to donate than the average Internet user.

Interests – Health & Fitness:

49% of SoundCloud listeners play sport – 61% more likely than the average Internet user.

Compared to Internet users, SoundCloud listeners continue to be more interested in fitness & exercise, watching and playing sports, including adventure/extreme sports.

Interests – Pop Culture:

74% of Irish SoundCloud users say they’re interested in music, they’re also more passionate about films, gaming, board games, and esports.

Music Attitudes:

Compared to rival music streamers, Irish SoundCloud users over-index on a number of audio content preferences, including playlists created by music platforms, remixes, and audiobooks. They also showed much more interest in CD/Vinyl than users of competing services.

Brand Touchpoints & Expectations

Irish SoundCloud users are generally more engaged with brand content on social, branded blog, or app.

  • 39% have watched a video made by a brand.
  • 16% have shared a brands post on social network.
  • 26% have visited a brand’s social network page.
  • 22% clicked on a promoted/sponsored post on a social network.

Irish SoundCloud users are more willing to promote brands when they receive exclusive content/service, and they’re more likely to promote brands that enhance their reputation/status.

Media Consumption

Irish SoundCloud users spend an average of 2.5 hours per day listening to music streaming services up 30 minutes compared to 2020.

This compares to 1.5 hours for rival music streamers and 70 more minutes than the general Internet-using population.

Hip-hop is Irish SoundCloud users’ top genre, and they listen to it significantly more than Comp. Music Streamers; they also listen more to alternative, classical & Opera , EDM/Dance , Indie, Jazz , K-Pop , R&B / Soul , Reggae and singer-songwriter.

Purchase Intent

21% of Irish SoundCloud listening households say they intend to buy a vehicle in the next 6 months.

This is 25% more likely that the general Internet user and indexes highest amongst music streamers.

18% will buy sunglasses in the next 3-6 months, 17% handbags and 19% jewellery.

SoundCloud listeners are likely to buy these products than listeners of rival streaming platforms.

SoundCloud listeners are also more likely to buy broadband, computer games, desktops, digital cameras, game consoles, laptops, wearable devices and tablets than listeners of other streaming services.