Here at AudioOne, we wanted to share some new insights into the SoundCloud Irish audience.

The information below is sourced from Global Web Index. They are a market research company who aggregate and analyse consumer data across 46 markets, including Ireland.

The sample in this report is representative of the general Irish Internet using population. The number of respondents is 2487 and spans the age range of 16-64.

The research relates to the period H2 2021.

Executive Summary

There are 340,000 monthly active listeners on SoundCloud.

The average age of a SoundCloud listener is 23, considerably younger than other music streamers and much younger than the average Internet user.

As such they are much more likely to be students, single, go to the gym/participate in sport whilst over-indexing when it comes to watching sport, socialising, beauty, gaming and fast food.

They also over-index when it comes to planned future purchases of technology, gadgets, cars and e-scooters.

They are serious about music, spending considerably longer – at 2.2 hours per day – with music than rival music streaming services.  Their love of music translates to more live gigs with 39% of SoundCloud users regularly attending music concerts / events, they are 44% more likely to do so than general internet users.

They are also interested in Films/ Cinema with over 10% visiting the cinema at least once per week – they are more than twice as likely to visit than the general Irish Internet user.

Reach & Demographics


Each month the SoundCloud service is used by 340,000 Irish adults.

Age and Gender:

The average Irish SoundCloud user is 23.

The average SoundCloud user is 12 years younger than the average internet users in Ireland.

The average SoundCloud user is 7 years younger than rival streaming services.

68% of users are 18-24 and 84% of them are aged 18-34.

30% are Female, while 70% are Male.

Almost half of SoundCloud users are single/dating, while only 1/3 of all internet users are.

Education and Employment Status:

24% of Irish SoundCloud listeners are students. They are almost 60% more likely to be students than the average Spotify user.

33% of SoundCloud users have a university degree and 17% of Irish SoundCloud listeners have a postgraduate degree.

Attitude & Lifestyle

Lifestyle and Activities:

31% of SoundCloud users eat fast food at least once a week. They are 40% more likely to do so regularly than general internet users.

23% of SoundCloud users drink alcohol at least once per week. They are 5% more likely to drink alcohol frequently than general internet users.

36% of SoundCloud users go running/jogging at least once a week. They are also 2x more likely to go to gym regularly than general internet users.

Sport & Fitness

59% of SoundCloud listeners play sport – They are 2x more likely to play at least 2 kinds of sports than general internet users.

Compared to Internet users, SoundCloud listeners continue to be more interested in fitness & exercise, watching and playing sports, including adventure/extreme sports.

Interests – Health / Beauty / Fashion

SoundCloud users care more about personal health and nutrition than general internet users. They have much higher interest (1.7x) in vegan food compared to others.

33% of SoundCloud users are interested in Beauty / Cosmetics and are 12% more likely to follow latest trends of beauty products.

Interests – Technology

52% of SoundCloud users say they follow the latest technology. In general they are 20% more likely to try latest technology.

59% of SoundCloud users are interested in gaming and 2.2x more likely to identify as gamers.

35% of SoundCloud users love programming/coding and 60% more likely to care about computer performance.

Music Attitudes:

Compared to rival music streamers, Irish SoundCloud users over-index on a number of audio content preferences, including playlists created by music platforms, remixes, and audiobooks.

39% of SoundCloud users regularly attending music concerts / events, they are 44% more likely to attend concerts/events than general internet users and 25% more likely than users of competing services.

They also showed much more interest in CD/Vinyl than users of competing services.

Brand Touchpoints & Expectations

SoundCloud users are 1.7x more likely to share brands’ posts on their social media than general internet users.

They are also 3x more likely to play branded games and have much higher interest in branded blogs.

  • 24% have watched a video made by a brand.
  • 14% have shared a brands post on social network.
  • 63% have visited a brand’s website

SoundCloud users are 16% more likely to recommend brands that are highly relevant to themselves than general internet users.

Media Consumption

Irish SoundCloud users spend an average of 2.2 hours per day listening to music streaming services, which is 45 minutes more than Spotify users and 48 minutes more than all internet users.

Hip-hop is Irish SoundCloud users’ top genre, and they listen to it significantly more than Competing Music Streamers.

They also listen more to alternative, classical & Opera , EDM/Dance , Indie, Jazz , K-Pop , R&B / Soul , Reggae and singer-songwriter.

Purchase Intent

19% of Irish SoundCloud listening households say they intend to buy a vehicle in the next 6 months, which makes them 36% more likely than Spotify/ general internet users .

SoundCloud users are 2x more likely to buy smart home assistants in the next 6 months than general internet users. The demand has tripled compared to the previous quarter.

SoundCloud listeners are also more likely to purchase computer games, desktops, digital cameras, game consoles, laptops, wearable devices and tablets than listeners of other streaming services.

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