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AudioOne is designed so that it can be bought by both radio and digital buyers alike. AudioOne can be bought programmatically or on a direct IO basis. Targeted advertising within digital audio has a range of opportunity.

Radio buyers can buy premium digital audiences using traditional broadcast parameters such as day-parting, geo and format.

Digital buyers can further enhance their campaigns across a new source of inventory and incremental audience measured against digital KPIs such as uniques, capping, geo and demo, media and device types.

Programmatic buyers can use their existing DSPs to connect and target digital audio audiences efficiently.

The Next Frontier for Radio - AudioOne News

Digital audio advertising can be targeted at a number of different levels including;

  • AudioOne targeting levelsDevice type
  • AudioOne targeting levelsDaypart
  • AudioOne targeting levelsGeo
  • AudioOne targeting levelsWeather
  • AudioOne targeting levelsSecond Screen
  • AudioOne targeting levelsContext – News, Business, Sport, Entertainment, Technology
  • AudioOne targeting levelsDemographic – Age, Gender
  • AudioOne targeting levelsFormat – spot advertising.
  • AudioOne targeting levelsAd type – pre, mid and post roll

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