Why Digital Audio ?

Digital audio listening is the number 1 activity on mobile phones.

A recent eMarketer study found that the leading activity in-app is digital audio listening.1

Market Drivers

Majority Adoption

Almost 1 million Irish adults are listening
to digital audio daily.

The Future is Voice

35% of Irish adults have a smart speaker in their homes.
This figure is up 25% in the space of 1 year. 

Music Streaming First

Music streaming is the most popular form of digital audio content. 64% of Irish adults listen weekly,
with 80% of 18-34 years olds tuning in.

New Listeners

Digital Audio delivers an expanded audience. 15% do not listen to commercial radio. This increases to 22% among 18-24 year olds and 26% for 24-34 year olds.

The source data for all of the above is: Listen Up Ireland, IAB/RedC, July 2021

A Special Medium

Premium content, on-demand consumption and a pristine listener environment give digital audio advertising some distinct advantages.

In an era of fake news, ad fraud and ad-blocking, digital audio offers access to premium, trusted, brand safe content.

The listener experience is special. Listeners seek out content and the content is delivered on-demand. This creates a powerful advertising environment.

As mobile is the predominant device used for digital audio listening, it is the only medium that remains with the user throughout the day

Digital audio campaigns when run in conjunction with complementary media like OOH, digital display, search and broadcast radio drive significant incremental effectiveness.

Source: 1-eMarketer, Mobile Time Spent, 2018 

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